How to elaborate the bachelor thesis?

For the formal assignment of a diploma or bachelor thesis, there are relatively narrowly specified requirements, which are set by each school individually – usually there is a binding pattern at individual departments, a template in which the student fills in individual points. In general, the content of the assignment is very similar – besides the name of the school, the department, the name of the student, the program studied and the subject, the course also includes other items, which students often do not know how to do.

Completely essential is the specification of the topic – it must concern not only the field of study, but also the focus of the department under which the student falls (the topic of informatics, finance, etc. cannot be addressed in the Department of Marketing). It must be clear from the assignment that the topic requires some solution to the problem (it must be clear that the student will have to find out what to analyze, or what to examine) and that the work will be reasonably demanding in relation to the bachelor’s or master’s requirements (or too trivial or too extensive). An example of the title of the thesis can be: “Analysis of competition” – from this name is clear what will be the job, but preventively there is not specified a company whose competition will be examined by the student – to avoid the great difficulties in which the student he received if the chosen organization renounces the promised cooperation.

In the assignment it is already necessary to formally define the goal of the work – it will be approved by the department and it is usually no longer possible to modify or change it. It is therefore necessary to think well about the goal and to formulate it more generally in order to be able to maneuver a little while writing. However, too generally set goals will not pass, it is necessary to clearly declare what the student wants to do in the work and what they want to do. An example of the formulation of the goal of the thesis on “Analysis of competition” would be, for example, “Determining the position of a selected company on the market due to its competition”.

Another point that must be included in the assignment is the principle of working out, or the outline of work.

Here, in simple bullets, the student writes out what steps will be taken to achieve the goal of the work. In this case it would be: 1. Introduction, 2. Theoretical basis of competition analysis, 3. Analysis of competition of selected company, 4. Proposals and recommendations for selected company, 5. Conclusion, 6. List of recommended literature, 7. Annexes.

Part of the diploma and bachelor thesis assignment is also an estimate of the number of pages that can be specified in a certain range, eg “60 – 70 pages” and an estimate of the extent of the annexes – here the “as needed” comment is sufficient. There should also be a list of professional resources to work with – it is appropriate to include at least 3 bibliographic records formulated according to the standard.