Formal requirements of the thesis

Each final thesis, whether diploma or bachelor, must meet certain formal requirements.

After all, the student has no choice, as the schools have very precise and binding requirements. So, while content has been, is, and will continue to be crucial to the quality of work, it is impossible to avoid formal requirements.

The first requirement is to comply with the prescribed curriculum of work – it must include both theoretical and practical passages, while the practical part of the thesis is emphasized. Of course there is an introduction, a conclusion, a list of sources used at the end and continuous references to citations during the text. Attachments are optional, but their existence is usually expected, as well as thanking the supervisor. The author’s statement that the following text was processed separately is mandatory. The scope of work (usually within a certain range, eg 50 – 60 pages for a diploma) is set, which should be adhered to – not less, but not even more, because a hundred page work can be criticized for failing to capture the most important and unnecessarily working out the sauce around.

The text should only be written on one side of A4, the specified line spacing, margin setting, and graphic layout for font size, paragraph numbering, or page numbers must be followed. It is necessary to take care of sober and correct editing – some students will take their qualification work with great creativity and will use almost all the graphics equipment offered by MS Word – from headlines, fonts, images, clip art, shading, to wild colors circular slices in graphs.

If there is still a colorful flower next to the bullets, or a heart instead of a simple hyphen, or a dot, it becomes more of a coloring book.

It is a good idea to print on a printer that does not start to run out of color in the middle – the luminous font, complemented by blurry headings, does not look completely professional. The work is then submitted in hardcover, usually in 2 copies, although the trend of submission is now in electronic form. It should be borne in mind that printing and binding of several versions of a diploma thesis is not the least expensive matter and all costs are borne by the student himself.