How to choose language means when writing a thesis?

Diploma or Bachelor’s qualifications must be written in a formal scientific way – otherwise it is difficult to reach an expert level expected by the opponent and the commission. However, many students are not aware of the requirement for a “scientific way of writing” advice, but they cannot be blamed so much – after all, they are trying to peek into the scientific circles and usually do not have any writing experience (unless continuously submitted seminar papers are counted). So how do I write to be “scientific”?

The basis is the choice of appropriate (and avoiding inappropriate) words.

E.g. Formulations, whose aim is to revive and bring some humor to the work, are not desirable in diplomas and bachelor’s programs. It is also not possible to recommend the turns that are otherwise commonly used in spoken language, or spontaneous, expressive, colloquial, or even unwritten expressions such as:

– “The manager has to fight daily with demotivation …” – it is preferable to write that the manager is facing demotivation or is persistently dealing with it.

– “The vast majority of employees …” – “overwhelming” is exaggerated, tabloid, it would be more appropriate to mention the word “overwhelming”, “over half”, or simply “most”.

– “A very common phenomenon is …” – the word “much” is often used in diplomas, but it does not actually work scientifically, moreover, it often does not fit logically (eg “a lot of employees” where “high numbers” would be more appropriate). It sounds better “a very common phenomenon,” or “it often happens that …”.

– “The Human Resources Department does not even know what people are under it …” – on the one hand, the Human Resources Department is not a living creature to know anything, so it would be better to mention “personnel departments”; . The sentence sounds better, for example, as follows: “Personnel department staff do not have a good overview of employees”.

Similar examples could be named hundreds.

For a number of commonly used words it is possible to find “more specialized” synonyms, eg the word “little” – better “deficiency” or “limited amount”… Internet synonym dictionaries – a word that is already used in a sentence, may be a useful help so you can easily replace it with a suitable alternative, or directly search for a synonym that is more professional.

Whether suitable linguistic means are used in a diploma or bachelor’s thesis is a good idea to have it checked in case of doubt – the (un) professional style of writing has a really big impact on the student’s final evaluation.